Our Mission

Our world is overflowing with endless information attempting to create better health, vitality and wellbeing. What is needed now, in the context of all our busy lives, is a place… a sanctuary where we can regenerate and have our own experience of healing and wellbeing in our home.It’s time for our homes to reflect our inner being – the magnificence of who we are from the inside out.

The mission of Seeds of Life is to bring full spectrum sacred healing into your home, corporate & work environments, venue sites, events, & concious festivals.

With infinite care and wisdom, Goddess Nadia Sophia and her amazing team of healers share the best of cutting edge detoxification methods, quantum nutrition, colon hydrotherapy, raw and alchemical foods and a healthy lifestyle education to create permanent change and bring balance to every area of your life.

About Nadia Sophia

Sophia is the Founder and driving force behind the Seeds of Life, and co-founder of HSW: an Eco-Luxury Brand Managment Agency. Open here. Healthy Sexy Wise She is also a Spiritual Life-Coach, Wellness Consultant, Shamanic Healer, Business Connector, Life Stylist and Chef, and creator of Sacred Intentional Living,™ – a sacred lifestyle movement for an intentional and conscious living. The purpose of “Sacred Intentional Living” is to help people inspire more creativity, harmony, and balance into their own homes, office environments, and/or wellness centers. For the last 10 years, I have dedicated myself to the world of spiritual growth & development, nutritional health & healing and “conscious life expansion” for clients ranging from celebrities & athletes to executives & professionals seeking authentic growth, greater happiness, and deeper success through positive —

change and transformation. The emphasis is on deep healing and spiritual renewal on all levels including physically, emotionally, spiritually, as well as helping people channel authentically their Full Life Purpose and to master the art of “Sacred Intentional Living.” Lasting change comes from a more reflective, authentic and dimensional approach to mentoring and coaching clients towards their greater success. I help leaders, Individuals and entrepreneurs to establish greater personal clarity, focus and success through authentic growth, body renewal and mind transformation.

Make your life a bold brilliant adventure in these times of great change. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime!


Holistic Healing

Sacred Lifestyle Consulting

• Creator: Sacred Intentional Living
    A lifestyle movement inspiring greater harmony & balance
    throughout interior living spaces and work environments

Vastu – Home Bio-Energetic Balancing & Protection

   Minimize Harmful Radiation and Electric Fields (EMF’s)

Feng Shui – Interior Design
   Greater Harmony, Peace & Abundance through Style & Home

Advanced Wellness & Natural Healing
   Restoring Metabolic, Hormonal & Immune Function

Personal Expression
   Fashion Styling, Wardrobe Consultant

Corporate & Workspace Environment Re- balancing
   Remove Energetic Stressors for Enhanced Productivity &

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Creator Manifestation Acceleration Technique (MAT)
for Realizing Visions & Dreams
Life Manifestation, Vision Boards
    Accelerated Attraction, Goal Achievement & Success
• Love & Partner Attraction
    Personal Matching & Soul Connections
• Goals & Life Achievement
    Personal Matching & Soul Connections
• Life Purpose Discovery
    Personal Identity, Mission & Life Purpose
• Emotional Release & Psychic Clearing
    Shamanic Healing & Sacred Ceremonies

Goddess Alchemy Mobile Sanctuary Lounge

The Goddess Lounge is a sacred living sanctuary, alchemy temple, bohemian caravan and boutique. Sophia Nadia Tene and Flo Lysaght are the Goddesses and Founders of the Goddess Alchemy Lounge. We offer transformational experiences, Goddess magic and a collection of products and treasures for body, spirit and home sanctuary. We are bringing the Goddess Alchemy Lounge to festivals every month. Our intention is connect with thousands of people every month and inspire transformation and sacred living. We are sharing amazing products by our favorite brands to support our intentions of sacred living and awakening love on the planet.
• Eco Fashion and Accessories
• Conscious Products for High Vibrational Living
• Sacred Intentional Living
• Transformational Services & Experiences
• Sanctuary Alchemy
• Apothecary Supplies & Products
• Goddess Readings

Elite Body Wellness

Weight Loss & Body Shaping
    Rapid Natural Approach to Successful Weight-Loss

Cleansing, Kitchen & Diet Detox
   Personalized Rejuvenations – Raw Foods / Juicing/ Fitness

Nutritional Re-Balancing
   (Certified QRA Practitioner)
   Comprehensive Wellness Profiling / pH & Digestive Repair

Advanced Wellness & Natural Healing
   Restoring Metabolic, Hormonal & Immune Function

Spa & Resort Consulting
   Products, Protocols, Marketing & Healing Technologies

Brain Restoration Therapy (Addiction, Anxiety & Depression)
   10 Day Detox & Brain Recovery Program (NAD Therapy)

Fashion wardrobe Makeover

Identify the style that communicates who you are on a soul level. Add ‘the wow factor’ to your style personally and professionally!

Conscious Business Connector

New Venture Funding
    Investor Founder Connections
• Executive Values and “Conscious Business” Principles
    Authentic Growth, Renewal & Transformation
• Executive Talent & Skilled Jobs Placements
    Career & Entrepreneurial Advancement
• Entrepreneurial Guidance & Support
    Team Building & Business Opportunity Matching
• Holistic / Wellness Themed Events
    Corporate Health & Lifestyle Education / Trainings

Consulting for Wellness Industry

Launch or Upgrade Your Own Wellness Sanctuary / Healing Spa / Sacred Community Space, etc.

Vastu Feng Shui

Changing the bioenergetics of your home or office can literally change every aspect of your life. Enjoy personal harmony, attract prosperity, and live a long life!

Kitchen Makeover

The raw-food lifestyle can be simple, satisfying and sustainable. It’s not about having recipes, it’s about organization and advance preparation. Get your kitchen setup for success. Fridge, cupboards, prep tools, and all !

People Connector

What are you trying to create? Maybe you’re trying to start a concious company, fund a visionary film, or create an indie-gogo to help heal your grandma from Leukemia? Whatever the case ma y be, chances are I probably know somebody who can help you get to where you’re trying to go. Gimme a ring and let’s talk about it!

Sophia as Cupid

I’m also here to help you meet your beloved, or if you are with her/him already – to deepen your experience of sacred intimacy together and the fulfillment that comes with shared sacred love for the rest of your life.


Bring the advanced magic of Sophia’s culinaryexpertise into your next business meeting or sacred gathering, and show your guests how much you appreciate them by giving them an opportunity to feel loved from the inside out.

Event Production / Organizing Retreats

I’ve organized hundreds of events of all shapes and sizes. My specialty is in transforming the space into an activated sacred space, with Feng Shui, Gourmet Foods, etc. Most important is setting the intention of the event to attract the perfect group of souls and deliver the perfect experience for their life’s journey.

An initial consultation will give you the sense of what your full wellness program will be. Call or email to schedule a free introductory 30 minute in person consultation.

(or by phone if you are outside the
Los Angeles South Bay area)

5 introductory appointment spots available per week
– first come first serve