Goldden Age Emergence | EGYPT TOUR

You are joining an advanced group of emissaries and planetary grid servers who are joining for the Christos Realignment Mission set in motion millions of years ago by the Guardian Alliance and Founder Races.

You have been selected to be part of the on the ground team who will receive and transmit the cosmic frequencies sent by the Krystic Server during the Particle Emergence. Our coherent group field will be encoding the Golden Age energetics into the planetary crystalline grid and the higher mental body of all humanity.This divinely inspired grouping have dedicated themselves, their lives and their vessels to be conduits of light in planetary service, and the time has come for this preparation to be called into service for the GOLDEN AGE EMERGENCE EGYPT TOUR.The PARTICLE EMERGENCE is a three-day window where all timelines and ascension potentials of Earth and its higher dimensional aspects including, Tara, Gaia and Aramatena all come into alignment for its evolutionary destiny.You will be located at one of the premier nodal locations of the crystalline grid, THE KING’S CHAMBER in the GREAT PYRAMID of GIZA, EGYPT, and will utilise and direct these

frequencies for your highest potential for the planet’s ensured momentum into the Golden Age. This is a tour of great spiritual acceleration. You will be prepared and purified as we travel along the Nile while visiting the great TEMPLES OF INITIATION to receive upgraded coding from these sacred sites. Your powerful facilitation team, Christof, Tiara & Akasha, will be performing a series of energetic transmissions guiding you into deeper levels of initiation. The main focus and intention is to ready your body vehicle for the highest energy holding potential for the KINGS CHAMBER PARTICLE EMERGENCE GLOBAL TRANSMISSION on December 21.


As founder of the Institute of Divine Potential, Christof Melchizedek serves by architecting education that focuses on expanding consciousness and the creation of live experiences. He creates highly expanded soul evolution and treasured lifelong memories.He has background degrees in psychology, physical education and Brennan Healing Science. Combined with extensive experience in the shamanic healing arts, and direct streaming from the Source, have allowed a beautiful blend of the arts and science of spirituality and consciousness.His deep comprehension of the life sciences of quantum physics, wave-genetics, epic-genetics, astrobiology and quantum biology, create the much-needed bridge between spiritual principle and scientific revelation. This understanding is translated in many of the Institute of Divine Potential’s education, certifications and live experiences.Christof’s mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual sovereignty and evolution of our planet and species. He believes we are living in exciting times of change and transformation and anyone dedicated to expanding their consciousness can achieve remarkable things in a relatively short space of time. Given the right direction combined with the right community support.He serves as a light architect, helping to build the morphogenetic fields and new Earth grid templates for our planet’s evolving consciousness and ascension pathway to the higher dimensions. He acts as a bridge for higher dimensional intelligence through the Guardian Alliance and helps to implement specific missions and plans to support Earth on this pathway.Christof is a loving husband and dedicated father of two. He is passionate about family, and the formulating of a conscious community as being the face and agent of change for our planet. He is passionate about the evolution of our children’s consciousness, and the way parents and communities can influence and shape their children’s life and future generations, through living in alignment with spiritual principle and divine law.His shared intention behind the Institute of Divine Potential was to create a safe container for individuals to join a community of hearts and minds, who can support each other while integrating spiritual truth and understanding into their personal, family, working and business life. So that together we transform our community and our planet.


Founder of the Institute of Divine Potential, Akasha Sananda has fully dedicated his life to the service of humanities self-realisation and the sovereignty of our planet’s consciousness. As a Spiritual Luminary, his purpose is to humbly serve as a vessel, in assisting the awakening of humankind’s divine potential and actualisation of unity consciousness.Known as an Alchemist, Akasha has learnt from Himalayan Rishis and Kriya Masters the ancient alchemy of spiritual liberation. This is a lost yogic science that teaches the divine pathway of spiritual immortality. He has only recently been given dispensation to share this primordial wisdom to support the aeon that our species, planet and universe is currently in.To further contribute and assist humanities awakening and return to the world’s divine nature, Akasha is designing and producing sacred codes entailing multidimensional geometries. He receives these codes while in transcendent states of meditation and then creates pieces of art from these experiences. These art pieces are known as the Codes of Absolute Source.These codes of Absolute Source hold holographically imprinted information utilising the language of the Universe, this being sound, vibration and light. Through the union-ship of these multidimensional geometries and the universal language, each code is a living intelligence that is used for powerful, yet simple energetic alignments, activations and transformation for all sentient life.The Codes of Absolute Source have inspired a growing movement, where thousands of people around the world have been utilising these codes and spiritual techniques architected by The Institute of Divine Potential. The intention of this growing movement is to transcend the self-made limitations of human programming and to assist the rising of our planet’s vibration and expansion of consciousness.Through Akasha’s shared vision for the Institute of Divine Potential may we come together as one, to Realise our sovereignty, Actualise our unity and Liberate our consciousness into Universal Love

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