Opening Orientation / Egyptian Museum / Khan El Khallili Bazaar

This morning we’ll meet for opening meditation followed by orientation and introduction to the Egypt experience ahead. Lunch followed by a visit the famous Egyptian Museum. Our Egyptologist will guide us through this famous museum with a collection of over 200,000 ancient Egyptian artifacts, dating back to 4,000 BC. Visiting the museum is an opportunity to see the statues and artifacts that originally were located in the temples, this paints a fuller picture when you go the temples, like seeing the original furniture designed for a house in ancient Egypt. There you will also experience first-hand the different periods of ancient Egypt and the individual artistic and architectural styles of each period. Back to the hotel for lunch. Then we visit Khan El Khalili Bazaar one of the oldest shopping districts in the world, the Khan El Khalili, is like going back to the time of Ali Baba and Aladdin. Merchants have been trading on this site since at least the 14th century. In 1384 an emir named Al Khalili built a great Khan here, a three-story hostelry intended to accommodate traveling merchants and their wares. Buyers visited the khan for the goods brought in on the merchant caravans, and the selling and bartering spread to the streets around. The earliest surviving parts of the bazaar today are several great stone gateways that date back to the 1500’s.

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